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I just got my house! How do I get started with my renovation?

Congratulations! You must be super excited and at the same time overwhelmed by what to do next.

When we first met many of our clients, they felt exactly the same way too.

Our clients always find it helpful to discover their preferred interior design style as the very first step. From there, things work out much smoother, and the initial stress goes away 😊.

Yeahh! I am excited to start building my dream home. But is it going to cost me a bomb?

Building your dream home is indeed one of the most exciting things in life! At the same time, you must be wondering if it would be worth spending so much money.

We totally understand. We often hear our clients having concerns that: “Very Nice = Very Expensive”. Is that true?

Not necessarily.

We believe that a better home empowers a better life. And a better home is about having a thoughtful design, completed with a quality built.

Where do you go from here?

If you haven't done so yet, the first step is to figure out your design style.

If you already know your style, WhatsApp us or give us a call. Don’t be shy!

I have so many ideas in my mind. Will there be someone designated to help me organise all of them?

Awesome! We love new ideas and listening to your thoughts. And we totally understand that it can get really stressful trying to put the ideas together.

What our clients found very helpful is to have someone to listen to their ideas, give feedback and exchange creative solutions. And the best person to fill that role is your spouse/partner 👫.

Of course, the next best people are Interiio Consultants 😉😉! We know that having a partner by your side — listening to your needs, giving you good suggestions, advising you against unnecessary spending, and providing you with timely updates and reminders — can make all the difference. That is what we set out to achieve — giving you peace of mind.

Have a chat with us! Give us a buzz on WhatsApp, facebook, or a call.

I only want to renovate certain parts of the house. Will Interiio be keen?

First up, thank you for considering Interiio! We are grateful for that.

At Interiio, your needs are as important as every of our client’s. We are more than happy to help you with your intended renovation project, no matter big or small.

When you are ready, have a chat with us! WhatsApp us or give us a call. Hear from you soon.

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