The Interiio Process

A seamless renovation experience


Understanding your needs

Discover your style

Take our quiz to identify your preferred interior design style.

Chat with our experts

Get in touch for an obligation-free discussion. Tell us all about that dream kitchen island or walk-in wardrobe. We’ll match you with a dedicated designer who understands your needs.


Creating an initial design

Send us your floor plan

We'll start planning the space layout based on your floor plan.

For HDB flats, you can get a copy of your floor plan from HDB's website.

Ideate and set the mood

We'll curate and customize a mood board of design ideas that fit your desired style. We'll also develop sketches to illustrate your personalized design concept. This will help identify your ideal design style.

Get a free design proposal

We'll propose a design concept for your home. This gives you a good feel of what your dream home would look like.

Get started with Interiio

When you're ready, pay a small fee to get started with the full design phase. We believe it's not right to make a hefty downpayment for the full project without knowing the exact design details. Instead, we'll work with you to iron out all the details and requirements, so that the final quotation only includes the items you want, without any hidden costs.


Developing full design plans

Visualize your home in 3D

Based on the finalized mood board and conceptual sketches, we'll create a realistic 3D designer's impression of your home. These images will help you to visualize how the home will look — the walls, the finishes, and spatial relationship between different elements.

Plan your home in 2D

To build your dream home, you'd need more than just a simple 2D layout plan. We'll develop a comprehensive set of 2D plans to help you visualize your ceiling design, positions of lighting and switches, electrical socket placements, and the configuration of built-in furniture and fixtures.

Select the material

We'll assist you to choose the best materials for your dream home. From the type of laminate, to the kind of kitchen top, to the paint colors, we have them covered.

Get a detailed quotation

Get a quotation with a detailed cost breakdown. Everything you see in the quotation will be the all-in cost. There are no hidden fees.

Payment scheduling

We'll work out a payment schedule based on the project scope and duration, e.g.

  • Downpayment: 10%
  • Commencement of work: 30%
  • After hacking and tiling: 30%
  • After electrical, plumbing, and carpentry works: 25%
  • After cleaning and handover: 5%

Constructing your dream home

Applying for permits

We'll help you to apply for the various permits for your renovation project.

Get regular updates

As your dream home is being constructed, we'll send you photos from the work site regularly.

Feedback/reporting issues

At any time, you may report any issues with the project to your designated interior designer.


Celebrating the completion

We'll do a final inspection of your house together with you. We want to confirm that we have completed everything to your satisfaction before we officially hand over the home back to you.

Congratulations on completing the project with us. Remember to invite us to your house warming party. :)

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